Mido Lotto — order draw tickets on your phone.


Never lose another ticket. Plus, no driving. No convenience store. No cash.


Order in minutes without leaving your chair. Set up groups and easily play with friends.


Playing the Lottery should be fun. Waiting in lines isn't fun. Losing tickets is really not fun.

Text me the right download link for my phone (and a free ticket).

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Step 1: Load your wallet.

Add what you usually play, so it's there when you want an instant ticket.

Connect to PayPal

It's really simple — load a balance on PayPal and connect. Because of PayPal's rules regarding the Lottery, please verify the following.

  1. You must have a verified email with PayPal.
  2. You can not have a merchant account.
  3. Your account must be connected to a bank account, not just a credit card.

If you have any issues with PayPal, consider the simpler option: connecting to ACH straight from your bank account.

ACH straight from your bank account.

The simplest way is to connect your account directly to Mido, and you can load your wallet directly anytime you'd like.

Step 2: Order tickets.

Whether you self pick, need some quick picks, or want to gift some out, ordering is super easy. Just a couple clicks, and you're ready to win.

Safe digital ticket storage.

Say goodbye to lost, washed, and stolen tickets. Your ticket orders stay safe in your digital wallet.

Instant payouts.

Smaller winnings are paid out instantly right back into your wallet. The big wins that change your life? Those stay safe and sound until you're ready to collect.

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Playing the Lottery is Fun Again.

Getting Lottery tickets the old way is not fun. Not only is it not fun, it’s not efficient, it’s not safe, it’s not quick, and at times it isn’t even easy.

Play with a Team

Make your group play easier by inviting your friends into Mido Lotto to play as a team.

Now with Megaplier and Power Play

Multiply non-jackpot winnings by up to 5x by playing Megaplier and Power Play.


Seven states and growing

Now in California, Arizona, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Delaware.

Notifications of draws and plays

Never miss a play again, and immediately know draw results using push, text, and email notifications.