Play the real lottery from your phone

Safe, convenient, fun.


Play together in a group of friends. Mido Lotto will automatically split your winnings. It is more fun to play together, too.


 Want to surprise a special someone? Show your appreciation by gifting lottery tickets to your friends or family.


We'll keep your official lottery tickets and winnings secure, and notify you when you win. No more lost tickets. No one else to claim your winnings.


1 Order your official lottery tickets with PayPal or credit card.

2 We notify you when you win on your phone.

3 Collect your winnings straight from the app.


Mido Lotto works with official state lottery retailers to offer a safer, faster, and more convenient lottery experience. You simply use the Mido Lotto app to purchase your official state lottery tickets. Mido Lotto will notify you when it is time to check your tickets to see if you won. You can then claim your winnings with the Mido Lotto app and either play them again for cash out to your bank account. You can play all the big lotteries from the convenience of your couch, and even gift tickets and play in groups with friends.

Mido Lotto will be launching very soon, and if you have already signed up, we will notify you when we launch the app in your state.

The app will be available for iOS and Android phones, so you can play with all your friends and gift tickets to almost everyone.

Absolutely. Mido Lotto acts as an intermediary and technology partner for official state lottery games. Your lottery tickets are tied to your identity and kept in a safe place, where no one can claim your ticket and you can’t lose it. Mido Lotto provides a highly secure environment in which you purchase your tickets. You must be of legal age to play.

The same as your regular lottery ticket. Mido Lotto will add a small convenience fee that allows us to keep the system running and improve the experience. It works the same way you pay a convenience fee for ordering movie tickets or concert tickets online. To purchase your tickets you can use a credit card or bank account.

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