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Why Should You Play the Lottery?

Have you ever asked yourself “Why you should play the lottery?” and do you know what to expect? This post is about to shed some light on how fun it is to play, why it is fun to play with friends, and what you can expect to happen after you play your first ticket.


Why Should You Play the Lottery?

  1. Playing the lottery is cheap.
    For as little as $1 you can start playing Mega Millions. For $2 you can get a Powerball ticket. Considering that jackpots can be in the hundreds of millions of dollars the opportunity cost of playing the lottery is relatively low. In San Francisco, it is cheaper to play the lottery than to take a bus for only one stop.
  2. Playing the lottery funds public education.
    Not everybody knows this, but playing the lottery actually funds public education in California. A percentage of ticket revenue goes straight into funding public education. In the approximately 30 years since sales began in October 1985 through June, 2015, the California State Lottery has raised around $30 billion for public education. Each state decides how to spend its lottery revenue. Lottery revenue is spent on anything from economic development, veterans, tourism, the environment, to care for the elderly and education.
  3. Playing the lottery allows you to dream bigger.
    Today you may be thinking about buying a new pair of pants on the weekend, or treating yourself to a day at the spa. Playing the lottery allows you to dream about that amazing trip around the world and staying on a paradise island, with beautiful beaches and five-star chefs preparing only the best food for you. Now, playing the lottery doesn’t guarantee you to win big, or win every time, but it does allow you to dream bigger. Because, if you do win big, you can bring all your family and friends with you to that island in paradise. After all, if you don’t play, you can’t win.
  4. Playing the lottery is more fun with friends.
    There is a lot of entertainment value in getting a group of friends together and creating a lottery pool. You decide to split the winnings evenly and as a group everyone pitches in an equal amount. You can buy more tickets, which will increase the chances of winning a prize. But you don’t have to win to start having fun. After you purchase your tickets you can immediately start sharing your dreams and ideas about what it is that each and every one of you would do with your potential winnings. It is always surprising what some people come up with and you will get to know your friends a bit better, too. According to a recent study by Vision Critical 63% of players playing for fun are between 18 and 34 years of age.


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