We Have A Winner

Thanks to everyone who competed in our Mido Lotto Fan Contest. We had thousands of people compete in the contest and almost 200 winners. Congrats to our Top Mido Lotto Fan Meghan C. for winning the iPad mini and to all our other winners for their free lottery tickets. We will be giving you a special shout out on social media. If you won free lottery tickets, these will be digitally delivered to you via the Mido Lotto app as soon as we launch in your state. 


Here is the list of winners:

Our Champion gets a free iPad mini and 50 free lottery tickets.

Mido VIPs get 25 free tickets.

Founding Fans get 10 free tickets.


Super Fans get 5 free tickets.



Meghan C.


Mido VIPs

Sue M.

Seagan A.

Janice C.

Deacon M.

Michael P.

Jenn H.

Ephraim L.

Greg P.

Kelly M.

Tammy C.

Tracy L.

Minta B.

Amie H.

Steve W.

Sheila R.

Tara M.

Merlin M.

Danielle D.

Kortney L.

Jill J.

David R.

Meechie I.

Ivette C.

Shahar S.


Founding Fans

Nidi C.

Minh N.

Wendi B.

Ashley A.

Heather M.

Tina B.

Thomas C.

Olin H.

Aaron H.

Libby G.

Lisa Q.

Mamta F.

Laura M.

Karen I.

Mahindra A.

Aaron M.

Darlene W.

Celine L.

Ryan W.

Dawn K.

Nam P.

Gerorge F.

Erin P.

Anne K.

Sandy R.

Bill Y.


Tineke T.

Tee A.

Janel L.

Kelly T.

Sabrina P.

Irma B.

Hoa N.

Thomas C.

John H.

Wanda H.

Benjiman J.

Justin P.

Mikihiro Y.

Ben H.

Ivan C.

Cordelia B.

Jerry C.

Ronda P.

Melissa C.

Laura K.

Jessica C.

Tobias K.

Klyde C.


Super Fans

Kayla B.

Jessica P.

Aaron R.

Richard A.

Kristin H.

Ari B.

Dave H.

Julie O.

Jay K.


Olin H.

Loewll M.

Bonnie H.

Debbie J.

Mark O.

Shannon M.

Sue V.

Colleen C.

Robbie S.

Jeff V.

Fergal D.

Antonio C.

Kayla S.

Michelle C.

Ralph B.

Amber J.

Andrew B.

Carlidos C.

Miguel O.

James D.

Jane J.

Patricia D.

Debra H.

Gina F.

Laure O.

Anita T.

Mary V.

Kikono S.

Jennifer R.

Lori F.

Mary V.

Angela M.

Alex D.

Jamie F.

Duaong P.

Reynolds W.


Tom H.

Virgina R.

Isaac W.

Tameka G.

Latrice B.

Meisha T J.

Victoria M.

Brandon R.

Carrie J.

Nancy B.

Michael M.


Nancy R.

Ed S.

Krystal D.

Lori G.

Kimmy M.


Marlin C.

Popblo A.

Wanda H.

Nicole B.

Will M.

Adrian O.


Pamela D.

Dorothy J.

Shareen M.

Frances O.

Dwayne B.


Jessica G.

Paul S.

Marc W.

Angelina L.

Maria P.

Jennifer P.

Jeffery M.


Latoya M.

Britanny F.

Kayla G.

Valerie S.

Janna M.

Masri A.

Khaled M.

Satya N.

Karin G.

Anne C.

Daniela P.

Carlos G.






Mido Lotto

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