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Women vs Men – The Lottery Demographics

As part of better understanding lottery demographics, we have been wondering who is playing the lottery more often, women or men? Turns out that almost 50% of Americans actively play the lottery, with 75%  of players believing they will eventually win the lottery. But which gender plays the lottery more often, women or men?

According to lottery demographics from a study published by Vision Critical, 25% of players decide to play simply for fun, not because they expect to win. So money isn’t everything.

They also found that in general, men are more likely to play the lottery (55 percent vs 42 percent of women). However, it appears as though men prefer to play online. More men than women mentioned that they prefer to purchase lottery tickets online.

There is a big opportunity to promote online lottery tickets sales. Spending caps could prevent people from spending too much money over a given time period. At the same time, wait lines are reduced and people benefit from having electronic records of their lottery ticket purchases.

If you want to know where the average spending per household on lottery tickets is the highest in the United States, take a look at the graphic below. People who spend the most on lottery tickets and parimutuel betting in the U.S. live along the Eastern Seaboard, in parts of Wyoming and Montana, and in a few places in the West, according to esri.

lottery demographics - Average Spending per Household on Lottery Tickets-CEX_Mido Lotto

The following image shows you where people play the lottery the most frequently. The lottery demographics suggest that frequent lottery players are most likely to live in the Midwest, areas of the West and in Alaska.

Lottery Demographics-Played-Lottery-8-times-or-more-in-last-30-days_Mido Lotto

Do you like to play the lottery? If so why, and how often do you play?Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your story, or maybe the story of a friend. Maybe they support the data of the lottery demographic above?

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