About Mido Lotto

We're a passionate team in San Francisco, with a vision to expand the lottery experience making it social and mobile, so you can play with your friends from anywhere.

Our founding team are all-stars from Twitter, Pandora, Citibank, Xoom, EMC, Kixeye, EA, Zynga and Disney. Mido Lotto works with official state-licensed lottery retailers and acts as a technology partner for official state lottery games.



We want to evolve the lottery experience, focusing on fun, convenience and safety when you play the official lottery on your phone. We want to make playing the lottery more fun and social.

Your Trust

As players, you matter a lot to us and we want to make sure to continuously earn your trust. We keep your tickets and winnings safe and secure. We instantly notify you of your winnings and we let you withdraw your winnings whenever you want.

Our Responsibility

We do our best to promote responsible play. We also verify that every player is the required legal age to buy lottery tickets. With spending limits we try to ensure that players don’t spend excessively.

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter.  Reach us at info@midoplay.com anytime.

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